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2016 Arcade Expo Announced!!

By: Joette Leshinski

It’s that time of year again! It’s the Arcade Expo in Banning, CA. Being that I had a blast last year… I’ll be sure to attend this year as well. The event will be held from January 15-17, 2016. Check out their website (arcadeexpo.com) as they count down by the second.


What to expect: Fun, games on free play, booze, food, new friends and the list goes on. With special guests including the legendary Walter Day and gaming champion Billy Mitchell… the fun never ends. I mean… how could it? There are 800 arcades and pinballs on free play from retro to modern.


Think you’ve got what it takes? Join in on the 3-day pinball tournament they are calling “It Never Drains in California.” The pinball champion will be crowned after multiple series of rounds racking up a high score based on a point system.

But wait … there’s more! Chill out and party at the VIP “Getaway Party” or test your knowledge with “Pinball Pub Quiz.” You can also game under the stars as campsites are available!


Join in on the fun at the Arcade Expo. I mean, c’mon, they broke the Guinness World Record last year for most people (331 to be exact) playing pinball simultaneously. How cool is that? Join your Arcade Heroes and plenty of others for a night of fun, laughter and gaming and be part of something bigger.


Join us at Eighty-Two in Los Angeles Sunday 9/27

By Evan Shields

We will be at Eighty-Twoin downtown Los Angeles this Sunday, September 27th, to try our hand in their Pinball Tournament! If our flipper fingers aren’t up to par… you can find us at the Ice Cold Beer Machine.


Its free to enter! Just be there by 3pm to sign yourself up.

They will also be having a Linked NBA Fast Break side tournament…


Looking forward to this exciting event and hope to see you there!


Read our previous review on eighty-two here.

San Diego and Captain America

After countless hours searching Craigslist and eBay for our first arcade cabinet, we came across a great find at an even better price. Thanks to our good friends Andreas and Michi for letting us borrow their Volkswagen Eurovan we headed out to San Diego to make our purchase –“Captain America and the Avengers” from Data East.









Clocking in at just over a two hour drive, we made it to our destination – a Church youth center.  Upon arrival, we saw that they were unloading their arcade collection consisting of NBA Jam, Golden Tee, Mr. Do cocktail table, and of course our beloved cabinet.  They were getting rid of these gems to get more  funds so that they could do some upgrading and improving around the center (and simply because the kids just aren’t playing them anymore).  Don’t worry!  It’ll get plenty of play from us and our friends.

Laying down in the Van
Laying down in the Van













It was a tight squeeze getting the cabinet in the back door. However,  once it was in there,  we  realized that we had potential room to fit another cabinet (if the size and price was right and with another game to check out only 15 minuets away it was worth the trip).

Just need a few more inches!
Just need a few more inches!







The second cabinet was “Final Fight.” It was just the cabinet with a monitor – and we weren’t sure if it even worked. The cabinet had been left in a non-water-proofed storage unit for over a year! So needless to say, it had some pretty massive water damage. After a few trips from the van to the cabinet to take measurements, we came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t fit and maybe it isn’t the best idea given the condition it was in. With a heavy heart, we decided to pass … for now. As Justin so correctly put it I had “rose colored glasses” and I couldn’t get the “Final Fight” out of my head.








After leaving with our solitary cabinet, we checked out the Barcade Coin-Op game room in San Diego’s North Park for some drinks, food, and (of course) games. Stay tuned for our follow up post with a review on the place coming soon.



“Behold the Renaissance of Pinball”


Medieval Madness… where have  you been all my life?  For a game that was released in 1997, I have only recently played this wonder of a game just a few nights ago while visiting 82 in downtown Los Angeles.


The game is loaded with action packed features including an animated castle complete with a lowering drawbridge as well as a “collapsing” feature.   What else? Trolls pop up from under the board, light shows, a catapult, a fierce dragon, great audio, and artwork. The ramps in the game introduced a patented feature which prevents a failed ramp shot by not allowing the ball to drain straight down the middle between the flippers.


As I mentioned before, the game was released in June of 1997.  It was designed by Brian Eddy and programmed by Lyman Sheats. The dialogue was written by Scott Adsit and Kevin Dorff – who at the time were members of the Second City Maistage in Chicago. Tina Fey and Andrea Farrell provided the voices of the various princesses while Greg Freres voiced the jousting announcer and one of the trolls. Vince Pontarelli provided the voices of Francois Du Grimm and the other Troll.


With a production run of over 4,000 units, it was an immediate success. Demands for the machine, among collectors, out stripped the supply significantly as of 2005. Today, Medieval Madness machines often sell for $8,000 (in 1997 the game cost just around $3,000). Good news though… in October of 2013, Planetary Pinball Supply announced that they would be reproducing the game with a release date in mid 2014 with an MSRP of $7,995. Hopefully they will flood the market so we can buy one for dirt cheap… well, someday.

I highly recommend giving this game a try. It’s sure to make a pinball lover out of anyone. Download the Pinball Locator App on your smartphone and check your area. Who knows… one could be closer to you than you think.