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MK X: Kicking ass and Taking Names

MK X: Kicking ass and Taking Names

By Joette Marie


If you’re looking for a fun game to play with friends or online… look no further than Xbox One’s Mortal Kombat X. With clean, crisp and detailed graphics, this game is nearly flawless. In addition to the fun characters we grew up with in other MK installments… gamers are introduced to new, clever fighters. For example, one of my new favorites is the evil and frightening Jason Voorhees. Complete with his nightmare-inducing mask and bloody machete, Jason is just as bad ass as you’re imagining. However, my personal favorite is the flying-kick queen Mileena. She’s super quick and has pain-inducing moves.


While playing online is always a good time, beware of cheap gamers who corner you and tap one button. My recommendation is to check out the “moves list” so you can master your favorite character and look like a pro instead of a chump. Another cool addition to this game is the ability to use items in the arena to help you win. There’s an old woman in the background you can grab and chuck at your opponent as well as a vine to swing across landing a kick to your enemy’s face to name a few.

I have one complaint about the game. In MK Deadly Alliance, gamers were able to side step an incoming blow and land a kick or jab to them by utilizing the 3D aspect of the game. MK X is, unfortunately, 2D! I, for one, kicked ass by dodging opponents by stepping around them. That’s it… my only complaint. Other than that, the game is flawless, fun, challenging and super addictive.


Pixels Arcade

I found these on the camera and realized that I never shared them. These photos were from the Pixels Arcade (Summer 2014) at San Diego Comic Con. The event was held inside the Hard Rock Hotel  to promote the Summer of 2015 release of the film “Pixels.” You can find more information about the film here.

Check out the photos from the event!