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San Diego and Captain America

After countless hours searching Craigslist and eBay for our first arcade cabinet, we came across a great find at an even better price. Thanks to our good friends Andreas and Michi for letting us borrow their Volkswagen Eurovan we headed out to San Diego to make our purchase –“Captain America and the Avengers” from Data East.









Clocking in at just over a two hour drive, we made it to our destination – a Church youth center.  Upon arrival, we saw that they were unloading their arcade collection consisting of NBA Jam, Golden Tee, Mr. Do cocktail table, and of course our beloved cabinet.  They were getting rid of these gems to get more  funds so that they could do some upgrading and improving around the center (and simply because the kids just aren’t playing them anymore).  Don’t worry!  It’ll get plenty of play from us and our friends.

Laying down in the Van
Laying down in the Van













It was a tight squeeze getting the cabinet in the back door. However,  once it was in there,  we  realized that we had potential room to fit another cabinet (if the size and price was right and with another game to check out only 15 minuets away it was worth the trip).

Just need a few more inches!
Just need a few more inches!







The second cabinet was “Final Fight.” It was just the cabinet with a monitor – and we weren’t sure if it even worked. The cabinet had been left in a non-water-proofed storage unit for over a year! So needless to say, it had some pretty massive water damage. After a few trips from the van to the cabinet to take measurements, we came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t fit and maybe it isn’t the best idea given the condition it was in. With a heavy heart, we decided to pass … for now. As Justin so correctly put it I had “rose colored glasses” and I couldn’t get the “Final Fight” out of my head.








After leaving with our solitary cabinet, we checked out the Barcade Coin-Op game room in San Diego’s North Park for some drinks, food, and (of course) games. Stay tuned for our follow up post with a review on the place coming soon.



A Classic from the Golden Age of Pinball

Watching Tilt, the 1979  Pinball film starring Brooke Shields, Ken Marshall, and Charles Durning, is the perfect way to spend your Friday night. The Film has some great retro pinball segments and memorable quotes throughout the film.  One of my favorites include: “Life Is like a seagull. The more you feed it, the more it dumps on you.”


The movie is the story of a young girl named Tilt who is a pinball wizard. She runs away from home and ends up meeting  Neil Gallagher, a down on his luck country western singer.  Neil needs to raise money to make a demo tape of his songs.  He has an idea to take Tilt on the road with him in order to make money by placing bets on her impressive pinball skills. Unaware to her, however, is that she will end up playing Harold “The Whale” Remmens, a pinball master and enemy of Neil’s.


Check out the Trailer!!

Check out the Film!!

Super Mario Bros. by Gottlieb @Inglewood Wash N’ Dry

Your main man Justin, host numero uno, pooped just a little bit in his drawers. A shart if you will. Had to hit up the old Inglewood Wash n’ Dry.  And with Justin’s current misfortune,  he was pleased to walk in and find a 1992 Gottlieb Super Mario Brothers Pinball Machine shining brightly in his face.

The game played great given its age.  It said twenty-five cents but played at fifty cents. It was totally worth the extra quarter. Hey, if I have to shell out fifty cents to make me feel better about shitting my pants, then I’m cool with it.


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