Los Angeles Barcade List and a few reviews too


If you’re feeling the urge to drink some brews while trying to beat your high score in Ms Pacman or light up the multi-ball on your favorite pinball machine, we have made a list to help get you there.

Want us to add your  city? Or place in LA that we don’t know about? Email or comment your favorite places below and we’ll be sure to add them in!






First off, let’s start with Blipsy Barcade (369 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004) You may remember this place as Miss T’s up until a few years ago. Blipsy features a good selection of arcade classics and some pins too. But, we must say – almost all of their cabinets and pins need some TLC fast! With the new barcade giant 82 opening up (and not too far from this location), they really need to address some issues! Some issues include the Spy Hunter high/low gear stuck in constant high speed mode, almost all of their pins have something that makes them un-playable – at least one was even set on free play to make up for this! But even free play can’t attract people to the game when the right flipper doesn’t work. In addition, there’s a gunfight game that simply doesn’t work. Just about every joystick in the place needs to be replaced or adjusted in some way. While we aren’t trying to knock this place down (we have complete respect for what you are trying to do!), we are  just asking you to put a little more love back into your machines!








Next up is Barneys Beanery. There are multiple locations in to Los Angeles and some of the games you can expect to find include: Pac-Man,  Street Fighter, Air Hockey, and  Shuffle Board.






The West Side has a few options to choose from including: The Craftsman (119 Broadway Santa Monica , CA 90401). This upscale dive bar features a few cocktail table cabinets set up as Multicades as well as a Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Galaga. They are also known to have an impressive food menu with everything being made from scratch – including the ketchup!





Busbys West (3110 Santa Monica Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90404) is more of a sports bar than an arcade. However, they do have their selection of some classics as well as air hockey, ping pong (we hear they also do beer pong), pool tables, darts, and shuffleboard.

tumblr_lknfroDOPH1qbf1hao1_500To wrap up the West Side, we will end with Sports Harbour (13484 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Rey, CA 90292). Inside this sports bar you’ll find shuffleboard, air hockey, and darts. They also have a Terminator 3 and a Lord of the Rings pinball. They also have a Namco class of 1981 Ms. Pacman and Galaga combo cabinet. Like Blipsy, their machines could use a once over – especially the two pinball games with some burnt out bulbs, some non working bumpers and a non working bonus shooting feature in the Terminator pinball. They could also really use a good scrub down! We hope that with our good intentions and persistence, we will be able to provide them with the help that the machines desperately need and get them back into working order. We may revisit this issue in a later post – stay tuned!

Tower Pizza (Westchester at 8351 Lincoln Blvd) has a Family Guy pinball and a Mario Brothers mini pinball machine as well as a Namco’s Class of 81 combo cabinet which was also featured at Sports Harbour. Read our full view of this place here.






The greatest barcade that LA has to offer yet is 82 (707 East 4th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013).

Read our full review of this place here!

10473131_344122695743188_8862791358778841844_nThe One Up is the latest barcade to hit the LA scene.  It’s located at 13625 Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks.

For us West Siders, making a trip to the Valley for a night out better be a worthwhile adventure . Unfortunately for The One Up, we would rather stay local or head to downtown’s 82 to get our game on.  The One Up seems to have ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ of the whole arcade/bar scene. But for us lovers of the originals and keeping the true classics alive, this place has slapped us in the face!  All games are on free play… Okay, I admit that that has a nice sound to it. However, what we are not particular fans of is that all of their cabinets are sterile brand new black cabinets with the marquee lighting up the “Arcade Classics” artwork.  A big part for me personally is my love of the arcade and the classic games we all used to love pumping our quarters into back in the day — and flash forward 20 and 30 years later and still being able to play that same game in it’s original cabinet — not just some brand new cookie cutter multicade with every game you can think of at your finger tips. Anyways, I will end my rant. Check it out for yourself! Let us know what you think. Here are a few pictures of the place…